Popular opinion holds that we live in a postcultural society. Where frontiers, both mental and geographical, are obsolete. Where artists from all countries can work the world over. Where all cultures influence one another.

Except we don’t really live in a postcultural society. Depending on their homecountries, artists don’t have the same opportunities. Competition is uneven and artists don’t contend on equal terms. Hence, all cultures don’t get to influence the world on the same level.

NAAR supports artists internationally and aims to offset the outcomes of this dissymmetric game. Because we believe that all cultures are equal, in a world that is not and that all artists should be able to tell their stories by themselves.

NAAR is an independent collective that seeks to make postculturalism happen. For real.

Mohamed Sqalli
Ilyes Griyeb
Natacha Lecsei
Design and identity
Montasser Drissi
Romain Lévêque